Icons for the Dark Side in All of Us

Evil Noir
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evilnoir is a selective membership, multi-fandom icon community focusing on the evil villains we all know and love. All fandoms are allowed, but the characters featured must be the antagonists in the given fandom.

There are a lot of communities out there for people to simply display their icons and our goal for this community is that it be more than that. We will hold periodic icon contests, some of which will be open to non-members as well. Winning first place in an icon contest will grant you automatic membership to the community. We will also hold the occasional "icon exchange" in which members can submit their requests for icons they wish to have and they will be assigned to fill the request of another member, based on their interests. Discussion among members and tutorials are welcomed as well.
All icons and graphics posted directly to the community itself must consist only of the villains. (Those of ambiguous or changing loyalties are allowed.) If in doubt, ask yourself if the character is considered an antagonist in your given fandom.
Posts that link back to a multi-character or multi-fandom post in your personal icon journal are allowed, but the teaser images must be relevant to the community and your post must clearly outline what the viewer will see when they follow the link. Using Harry Potter as an example again, if you have five icons of Voldemort and fifteen icons of Harry Potter, the Voldemort icons should be your teasers and your post must clearly state the breakdown of the icons in your personal journal.
While we do not control what you place in your personal icon journals, please be considerate of the intentions of this community when promoting here. We assume that our members are not going to want to wade through 100+ Ron/Hermione icons to find the one Voldemort icon you included in your post.
All graphics are allowed, including headers, wallpapers and friends-only banners, but anything larger than a 100x100 icon must be behind a cut.
No fake-cuts. By this we mean true fake-cuts, where you have bolded the text of your link and placed it inside parentheses. We don't object to posts that take the viewer back to your personal icon journal, but we want them to know that is where they are going.
All posts must contain at least three icons and no more than three icons can be placed outside of your LJ-cut.
For icons of literary fandoms, you may post icons that cast actors and actresses in the given roles, but it must be clear who you are trying to portray.
Fanart is allowed, but must be properly credited to the artist.
Failure to adhere to our rules will result in a warning and a request to edit your post. Failure to edit your post will result in its deletion. Repeat offenders will be banned.
Please abide by the rules set by each icon maker. If they ask for credit, provide credit.
No arguing with posters. If you really want to get into a debate on whether Spike is evil in a particular scene that's been iconned, take it elsewhere.
Watchers are not given posting access and are not allowed to post requests. If an icon-maker indicates that they are open to requests, you may place them in the comments to their post or in their personal icon journal.
We are selective in who we allow to post here because frankly, we don't like wading through communities that are stuffed with crappy icons. At the same time, we welcome a variety of styles and your application will be judged on technical skill and overall composition, not whether or not you are following the latest trend.
Anyone is welcome to watch the community, but only those who have applied and been approved for membership will be allowed to join. DO NOT JOIN THE COMMUNITY UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED FOR MEMBERSHIP.
The application can be found here. Your application must be approved by both ariesathena and phuck in order to join.
If you are rejected, you may reapply with a new set of icons in one month's time. Please do take any constructive criticism into consideration before reapplying.